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June 14, 2010

Funicular Trip

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At Monticatini (you will gather we like it there by now) there is the main spa town, the Terme.  Then up the hill,  perched above the Spa, there is Monticatini Alto.  The best way to travel up there is a, surprisingly steep and long, funicular railway.  The town at the top is a little tourist honey pot it is true but the views are spectacular and the houses and gardens on a warm sunny day are a colourful treat.

One partucular peculiarity is the nativity animatronics in the large church at the top of the village.  Cecil B DeMille it isn’t but it still worth the 10 minute show.

Here in Vellano the weather has been quite hot, if you think being in and around the 90’s is hot.  The most lovely sight in the hills at night are the sparkling lights of fireflies or lightening bugs, in the fields, in the bushes and among the terraces like dozens of flickering candles at a concert.  These firefly displays only last for 3 or 4 weeks in June and then disappear because apparently they are part of the firefly’s mating ritual.  The light comes from an internal chemical released to attract mates during the night.  When mating season finishes then the lights go out.  Meanwhile warm summer evenings here are illuminated by this twinkling display.

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