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April 9, 2010


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At midday (mezzogiorno) the bells of the local church in Vellano sound a wonderful tune that echoes across the valley on these warm sunny April days. The cherry blossom is out in the garden of Casa Verde and the light on the hills sparkles with colour and resonates with the sound of many birds. Looking out from the house down the hill the main excitment is one man on a machine, who is painting a new white line down the road into Pescia.

Talking of painting we are here now permanently at Casa Verde and we preparing the holiday apartment ofr our first guests in May. We are knee deep in paint and plaster but already the new rooms are looking fresh and clean, we have put in a lot of furniture that we think will look great under the chestnut beams and add to the rustic atmosphere of the house and the village.

This summer is going to be a splendid one!

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