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Booking Terms & Conditions for

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1. Booking:

A deposit of approximately 50% of the service and/or property rental must be paid on booking by bank trasfer or credit card via PayPal. No contract with us will exist until we have received the deposit, specifying the exact nature of the service, and we have subsequently confirmed your booking. Should you later cancel, cancellation charges will become payable in accordance with paragraph 3. When applicable, it is understood that this contract satisfies transitory housing needs only and that the contract automatically expires at the end of the rental period as stated on the Booking Form. Checking in time is after 1600 hours and checking out time is before 1000 hours on the day of departure. We will be flexible where we can be.

2. Payment of the Balance:

The balance due reflected on the Confirmation/Invoice must be paid at least six weeks before date of arrival or as per agreed in the contract. If the balance is not received by us by the due date, we shall be entitled to cancel the booking without prejudice to our claim for cancellation charges and to retain the deposit. For bookings made within six weeks of the arrival date, you will be required to pay the full cost at the time of booking or as per agreed in the contract.

3. Cancellation by Guest:

If you cancel all or any part of your booking, or the booking is cancelled by us due to non-payment, then we shall be entitled to the following percentage of the cost:

If the Apartment and/or Bed and Breakfast Rooms are cancelled after the payment of initial deposit, then Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com is entitled to the total initial deposit, if it is a service (meals, walking tours, bike rentals and/or transfers) cancellation then Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com is entitled to 35% of total amount.

If the Apartment and/or Bed and Breakfast Rooms cancellation is within six weeks before the date of arrival then Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com is entitled to 100% of costs, if it is a service (meals, walking tours, bike rentals and/or transfers) and cancellation less than 2 business days Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com is entitled to 100% of the costs.

Cancellation must be received by us in writing or by email.

4. Alterations and Cancellations by Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com :

Though it is very unlikely we will have to make any changes to confirmed arrangements, but if for any reason beyond our control, (for example earthquake, fire, flooding ) we are unable to provide you with the service you have booked, we will refund the total cost of your booking.

5. Number of Persons:

Only those persons listed in the booking correspondance may use the property and/or service (tour, dinner, event, etc.). In the case of a property rental, the number of people must not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated or the number listed in the Property listings and the booking correspondance.

Infants in portable cribs can sometimes be accommodated over and above the number of persons permitted but this must be explicitly agreed to in advance before the balance payment is due. Should the key holder find any violations to this clause, it is totally up to her/his discretion to ask you to vacate the property without compensation. There must not be any events or parties organised at the property other than those agreed with the owner.

6. Security Deposits:

Security Deposits are due on the Apartment/B & B rooms and/or service. This amount is 200 Euros and is required in local currency upon your arrival in Italy. The Security Deposit covers the cost of any damage or breakages during your use of the service or your stay to the property and its contents, inside and outside, excluding normal wear and tear. Judgment as to the condition of the property is left to the sole discretion of the owner. This amount, less any applicable claims (see paragraph below), will be returned to you upon departure and/or end of service. Should the damages exceed the Security Deposit amount, you agree to pay the additional charges.

7. Complaints:

Please address any complaints to the owner or our representative during your stay at the property. This will give us the opportunity to address any issues to ensure your stay at Casa Verde is a pleasant one.

Descriptions on the web site and written material are made in good faith. Please do not hold us to account for minor changes that we may have made to website information and descriptions.

Should you abandon the property or service without authorization from owner, key holder, property representative, service representative and our agents you will lose all rights to compensation.

8. Behaviour:

We believe that all our guests and neighbours should receive respect and consideration. The person agreeing the Booking Form is responsible for the correct behaviour of his/her party. Should the person and his/her party behave in such a manner that is not acceptable, examples include:, noise nuisance, anti-social behaviour, crime and drunkenness and or lude behaviour. Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com, key holder, property representative, service representative and our agents may ask the Person Booking and his or her party to vacate the house and / or service without compensation.

9. Discrimination:

Tuscany holidays Casa Verde .com., its key holders, property representative, service representative and our agents will not tolerate any discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, race and disability, faith and no faith or for any other reason.

10. Jurisdiction:

This contract is governed by the laws of Italy. Courts in Florence, Tuscany, Italy have exclusive jurisdiction over any claims, disputes or other matters in question between the parties. In the event of litigation, you agree that you will also be responsible for paying Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com reasonable attorney’s fees.

11. Privacy Policy

We understand that making purchases online involves a great deal of trust on your part; we take this trust very seriously, and make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personally identifiable information ("PII") you provide us. (PII includes information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.) As a visitor to our web site, Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com, you have the right to understand our information privacy practices prior to providing Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com with any of your PII.

What information we collect from you? Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com only collects PII that you voluntarily provide to us.

How we use your information? Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com uses your PII for the purposes of responding to and processing your requests for Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com travel products and services.

Who we share your information with? Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com will only share your PII with our authorized service providers that perform certain services or functions on our behalf or as required by law. Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com does not sell or rent your PII to anyone.

How you can control the use of your information? Tuscany Holidays Casa Verde .com provides you with choice and control over the collection and use of your PII, as well as a means of updating, correcting, or removing any PII stored in your customer profile.

12. Wifi

Wifi is not available when:

We are away from the house when storms are forcast.
Between the hours of 1100 hours and 0830 hours.
​When we are on holiday.

If Wifi is important to you or members of you party please make sure this is known when you make an enquiry.

13. Checking In & Out Policy:

The check-in period is between 1600 hours and 1030 hours. If you provide a mobile No I could contact you when the apartment is ready on your day of arrival. We realise that life and weather conditions may mean that you will not always be able to arrive on time. However we ask that you contact us if you are not able to arrive within the check-in period. Check-out should be not after 1000 hours. We realise that this may not fit in with your travel plans. Please ask if we are able to be flexible with the check-out time. 

14. Minimum Stay Policy:

The minimum stay period for the Apartment is one week in High Season. However at other times we are able to be more flexible – please make an enquiry. The minimum stay period for the B&B Rooms is one night only and a max of 5 nights.

15. Children Policy:

Children are welcome at Casa Verde. See Health and Safety Policy.

16. Pets Policy:

We are sorry that we cannot accommodate pets at Case Verde without first asking the owner. Except in the case of a person accompanied by a guide dog.

17. Health & Safety:

While we do not expect any issues and careful consideration has been given to the properties us by all our guests the property is on a hillside with terracing. Careful consideration should be made by parents with young children about the suitability of the property for their children. This is only something parents can know about their own children’s maturity and knowledge of the environment. Children must be supervised at all times particularly on terraces and playing on the hillside and using paddling pools etc.

Appliances: All appliances should be used to the manufacturer’s instructions provided within the House Book.

Candles and Fires: While we understand that guest may like to have romantic evenings using candles, they must not be used inside the property at any time. Candles used outside the property must not be left unattended at any time. This is due to the very dry conditions that are prevalent in Italy.


Incense and Essential Oils: please do not use these products inside the property as future guests may have an allergic reaction.