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January 31, 2010

New Woodburner Arrives & Drains!!

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Wood Burner Arrival 31.01.10
The wood burner arrives but who will move it as it weighs 495 kilos that is 77 stone or nearly half a ton! Not for the faint hearted. It is a monster and will burn enough wood to heat fifteen radiators and supply all our hot water! It is right under our bedroom so we expect to be toasted in the winter, or be blown to kingdom come?

Less exciting are the new drains. The builders hit solid rock but dug more holes until they found enough room to put the tanks in.
We have only seven weeks to go and we will be starting our new life in Italy. I cannot wait to get my hands on the land and start growing some fruit and veg.
Woodburner on Van

What a soak

What a big whole you have!

January 24, 2010

The New Chestnut Ceilings at Casa Verde

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Front Door of Casa Verde

Chestnut Stripped Bare

The New Chestnut Ceilings at Casa Verde

We have been so impressed with the new chestnut ceiling at Casa Verde I nearly cried when I saw the pictures. When you compare the old and new photos it really is a transformation that Brian and his guys have undertaken.

We are getting excited about the move now and setting up the Apartment for our guests in the spring, primavera. While I’m not in any way a fan of shopping, stating throughout the 1980’s, I will go to my death bed saying, ‘I have never been to Meadowhall’ (1980’s shopping centre in Sheffield) and I haven’t by the way, there will be so much shopping to do at the end of March 2010 for all the furniture; we also expect to be painting for at least three or four weeks!!  

Casa Verde

The Guys at Work

Casa Verde

What a Difference Sandblasting Makes

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