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July 23, 2012

New Look Casa Verde – The Wall

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Just a very brief addition to our blog.  We have designed and constructed a new wall and balustrade for the main house of which we are very proud.  Here it is:


Summer Feste

In Tuscany, at this time of the year, there are plenty of superb summer festivals. In particular, many music and arts events to keep visitors entertained.  Particularly impressive are the many local festivals that nearly every small town has which draw the crowds from both from the local population and from the millions of visitors to the Tuscany region.  There are a number of all-night events in towns through the season where bric-a-brac and antique stalls, food vans and restaurants vie with music and art displays called La Nottambula ( I think it means something like, moving all night!). These begin at about 7 pm in the evening and go on until 5 am in the morning!  It is an Italian tradition that has been encouraged by local councils in these times of austerity to drum up more trade.  The one in Pescia attracted thousands of people, boy they do not do things by halves in Italy!


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