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June 16, 2011

Tuscan Mountains

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The northern part of Tuscany is ‘protected’ from the climate of Northern Europe by several ranges of Mountains, the main chain of which is the Appenines.  This itself consists of a high range of hills from Genova in the west, then across and down the spine of Italy.  Some of the highest peaks lie at around 7000 feet between Parma and the coast at La Spezia.  This region is called the Lunigiana and it is filled with fairy tale villages and above them the steepling rocks of the highest peaks.  The picture included here is in the high remote village of Torsana with only 4 regular residents and a few other holiday homes.  It is a place lying at over 3000 feet and it is stunningly beautiful, if a little rundown and deserted.  It has a sense of peace and drama unsurpassed by anywhere else that I know.  It was in these high appenine villages that Eric Newby wrote about his hiding out from the Nazis after escaping from a prison camp in 1944, an experience that he writes about in ‘Love and War in the Appenines’.


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