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April 6, 2012

Palm Sunday

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In Tuscany we have been having some warm and benign weather after the chills of February;  indeed we are here in Florence on Palm Sunday.  Here, there is a quietly joyous feel about the city in the balmy sunshine,  everyone seems intoxicated and dreamy in the breezy spring weather, anticipating Easter (or Pasqua).  In front of the Pitti Palace there is a Palm Sunday parade, a priest leads a procession through the streets of choirboys and parishioners each carrying either a palm frond or a sprig of olive branch.  There is a sense of calm and peaceful solemnity among the crowds.  There are the tourists now beginning to throng the piazzas and museums.  There are locals carrying newly bought Easter eggs, great chocolate ovals wrapped in colourful shiny paper.  There are people carrying picnic lunches to eat by the Arno, watching their children play on the swings.  There are lovers kissing on the Ponte Vecchio or having their photographs with the Doumo in the background.  No rushing or shouting, no anxiety or strain just a quiet anticipation of summer.


January 29, 2012

Winter in Vellano

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We hope you all had as lovely Christmas and New Year, as we had here.  The weather was mild and sunny this year and there was lots to to do and people to see, including our friends and neighbours.  Aren’t Christmas decorations interesting in Italy!  There are lots of plastic Santa Claus’ flapping about precariously from chimney tops and climbing up traditional green Tuscan shutters.  Plenty of lights illuminating the trees in the road and one enterprising villager who is a big fan (tifoso) of the nearest Serie A football team which is in Florence, called AC Fiorentina.  He had a huge purple/violet Christmas tree surrounded by an arched doorway of violet lights.  Fiorentina incidently play in the colour violet (never seen in England you understand!).  This colour apparently originates from the original red and white city colours they used to play in.  The shirts were apparently then washed one day in the river Arno and the colours bled to form this particularly lurid and striking colour.  Fiorentina may not be Italy’s most successful team but they are the most beautifully equipped. What would you expect from Italy’s most stylish city.


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