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February 1, 2021

Back to the Future – Welcome Back to Tuscany This Spring!

Vellano from Casa Verde – Yes that is the View!

The Mountain Top Village of Vellano from Casa Verde

This is the beginning of 2021 here in Vellano.

So many of you will be hoping that perhaps this is the time we can begin to think about holidays in this beautiful part of Italy. Great sights to see, stunning weather, lovely beaches within reach, mountains to explore and climb and above all the glorious food and wine in local ‘trattoria’ that serve local dishes in picturesque villages.

Cutigliano – Top of the World
The Beach at Viareggio
an hour from Casa Verde
Casa Verde Apartment & Terraces
Trattoria Manero Vellano
Trattoria Manero – Vellano
Five Mins Walk
The Pool at San Lorenzo
15 Mins from Casa Verde
Pescia Palio – First Sunday in September
Pescia 20 Mins from Vellano

Locally there are numerous festivals and celebrations to join in with. Here in Vellano alone there is the May Day festival with street stalls and music; in July the cake festival, in August ‘Ferra Agosto’ – holiday in August – or Ferragosto with lively dancing in local square and in October the chestnut festival, with roast chestnuts, castagnaccio and necci, sweet pancakes. Again this festival draws large crowds and street sellers to Vellano.

Vellano’s Main Square for Ferragosto in August with All the Villagers
Street Festival in Vellano
Vellano Chestnut Festival in the 1950s & Still Going Today

This is where we are with 11 years of experience providing holidays at our Casa Verde Apartment, with great facilities two terraces with it’s lovely views and tranquil airs upon which to read a good book.

Monte Serra from Casa Verde Vellano

So what can we offer to you in these uncertain times? Space to be yourself in a rural hillside setting.

Vellano – a Spring Morning

But close enough to many sights from the most popular locations in the region; Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Siena and the coastal beaches. we are never short on warm to hot sunny days to spend by the sea.

How many steps are there in the Leaning Tower of Pisa? | Travel Trivia
Florence travel | Tuscany, Italy, Europe - Lonely Planet

Pisa, Florence & the Coast an hour from Casa Verde

A place to be healthy, cycling in the hills, fantastic walking on spectacular and well signed pathways in the mountains and on the plains. We at Casa Verde are eager walkers and last year we completed, over a period of four years the Italian half of the fabulous and increasing popular pilgrimage walk from the Alps at Gran San Bernardo Pass to the Vatican in Rome. Stretches of which pass nearby down the Versilian coast through Lucca Altopascio and San Gimignano.

40 Mins from Casa Verde

There are many other well signed paths locally and in through the Appennines that are worth the effort for day hikes too. You are never far from some breath-taking views!

La Via Francigena From San Miniato Tuscany

The luxury of sitting, on jasmine scented days, with a glass of wine. Watching the fireflies on warm summer evening illuminating the olive terraces.

Siena travel | Tuscany, Italy, Europe - Lonely Planet

So what are you waiting for? Summer holidays will be with us again soon.

In the meantime we hope you all stay safe; wherever you are.

With our very best wishes,

Casa Verde

Casa Verde is a self check-in and Covid Secure holiday destination

Vellano Pescia Tuscany Italy

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Oh that Cappuccino!

November 20, 2011

Autumn in Barga

Many of our visitors to Casa Verde head off for the great triumpherate Tuscan cities of Lucca, Florence and Pisa; all within an hours drive from Pescia.  However, there are some stunningly beautiful parts of our area that not all travellers manage to see.  One of these areas lies around 40 miles away from here over the hills and valleys of the lower Appennines to the Garfagnana and the Serchio valley.  The town of Barga is the jewel in its crown.  A lovely fairy tale place set on a hilly promontory overlooking the craggy marble magnificence of the Alpi Apuane hills, and topped by what I think is one of the most unique and glorious of Romanesque churches in Italy.


January 16, 2011


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Skating in Piazza Napoleone in Lucca.  This seems a popular activity today, even though it is a lovely balmy day.  The snows pre-Christmas have disappeared and we have had some lovely almost warm sunny days.  Seeing ice skating in a piazza that I usually associate with hot sunny weather seems strange.

Among the joys of living in Italy are the new friendships you make along the way, as well as the local people you meet in everyday life.  For instance when you need wood to burn, you have to find the local man who cuts, seasons, stores and delivers your wood.  We needed more wood and the local man is a seventy year old who delivered only 10 quintale (10 hundred kilos) of wood because he knew that would be enough for now when we had asked for 20, and also charged us one euro less per quintale because we were now villagers and local friends.  The Signor who runs a store in Pescia that sells everything you can think of in 5 storeys of an ancient store house .  We usually buy our bombole (gas bottles) there but he sells beds, matteresses and other furniture, all sorts of ironmongery, tools, paint.  He also sells stufas – wood burning stoves that are the staple of heating equipment in rural Italy.  We tried an open fire in our new sitting room but alas – too smokey and drafty.  So we opened our wallets a little bit more and found Signor Fattorini had two whole rooms full of these stufas of all sizes and types.  A wonder house of iron and steel.  We selected what we needed, a lovely tall black stove, and it was deliverd in days with the peices of flue that we needed to go up the chimney and in 15 minutes we were off and burning.  We love our stufa and at last our house in Tuscany feels much more like a home.  We have had lots of guests in and out over the last few weeks of Christmas and the New Year and it has been a pleasure to welcome them with a lovely warm cosy room in the winter of Tuscany.

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